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Welcome to my torched fresh daily lampwork beads!

My work is recognized for its cheerful colorsand youthful energy.

Thursday may 22, 2014
I dyed wool today yeah!!!
I also made this wonderful Quinoa soda bread.
top view
O.K we had a lot of snow!!!
I have been rug hooking a little more since I finally have a stock of beads. It is really nice when the orders come in and I walk to my studio and they are ready to go. Here are a few photos of my rugs that are almost ready for the rug show this spring.
I really enjoyed having the summer off this year, especially because it was really hot here this year.
Sring Fling!
Vancouver Convention center
May 11th and 12th
This is my link to my etsy store
Happy 20th Anniversary sweetie!
There is something to be said about being happily married.
october 17
My new logo and this one is here to stay. I took a
picture of the top of a gumball machine and was amazed to see made in Canada when I went to review the pictures. The picture was a lot bigger than this so as you where taking the picture you couldn't see the made in Canada.
Love it!
I made these cupcakes for a 50th birthday party.
There were from baking with Anna Olson
Next show is Art in the vines at Township 7 winery in Langley
Sunday August 26, 11:00am to 5:00pm
South Langley/Fraser Valley Wine Shop

T: 604-532-1766 F:604-532-1753

21152 16th Ave (at 212th St),
Langley, BC V2Z 1K3

July 9
New candy bracelet!
May 30th
Kiln up and running!
I have to tell you that Candy is my true passion
is truest to my personality.
I'm happy to be back in business. I plan on making one new candy a month and hope to have 12 new candies to add to my glass candy collection.
May 14, 2012
Here is one of my favorite picture of the Galapagos Islands.
I love my rock!
Here is an ad I designed. Clean and simple.
Handsome regal looking Rufus
What a handsome boy he was!
August 30th
Well it has been a lot of fun, some days not so fun... bitter sweet would be a good way to describe it. I am retiring the chocolates for at least 5 years.
They will be on my website until they are all sold then they will be in my gallery only. They are going into the debra kallen vault, lol!
The journey has been a wonderful experience.
They were my first collection and the first beads I ever sold, so I will have fond memories of them.
They received the highest honor that they could receive in there genre which was at the bead and button show.
They won a first prize ribbon which is blue but I wished was pink.
Not to be picky or anything.
I will post some of my first chocolate beads so you can see how far along they really did come. I'm posting them as an inspiration to all you beginners... never give up!
To think that these chocolates(not these exact chocolates) one day won a first prize ribbon in the biggest bead show in the world.
Thanks to all my customers who have purchased them over the years.
So now my collections will be candy(my personal favorite), berries and french provence(damask).
Candy is my true passion and my favorite of my collections because of the color and energy it has.
My first chocolates

This is the exact box that won first prize!
I just filled my chocolate collection
so every chocolate is ready for purchase, yeah!
Currently I am working with a customer who purchased a
handmade designer collection blazer made out of silk and I will be designing a bracelet, pendant and earrings to wear with it.
Here is Debbie's bracelet in progress and the designer silk blazer I am working with.
There is a lot of shimmer in the blazer and I captured that in one of the beads.
When it is finished I will show you a close up picture so you can see it better.
I have to say it is fun designing beads with fabrics.
Her preferences were geometrical shapes as opposed to animal prints.
August 24th
I have a good excuse for not writing I am working out a evening collection of beads because I realized that when I am all dressed up for the evening I have no jewelry to wear.
I will start with my Fleur dis le Provence inspired look.
Many more looks to come!
This bracelet retails for $345.00. This bracelet I actually made for myself for a change.
I used a square vintage button that I have had for a very long time and knew one day I would make something for myself with it. Same goes for the fleur de lis clasp.
I have to say it is really nice not having to have a white background for the pictures.
This is one day going to be my enter page to my website with flowers trailing.

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